1. capitalveg:

    Thought I’d share my salad from Instagram since I’m busy with school. It’s spiralized carrot, zucchini, cucumber with cabbage, mango, tomato, red pepper, snow peas, broccoli sprouts on top of 1 head of romaine.The dressing is mango, cilantro, hot chili, tomato and lime!

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  4. aleven11:

    Fressshhhhh. A WOWZA big salad with sauerkraut, roast potatoes and steamed corn! Ahh yum. No dressing on the salad just a lil cracked pepper and the sauerkraut adds a nice tang. When you eat a cleaner diet your taste buds become cleansed and simple foods become amazingly full of flavour so there is no need to drown food in oil, dressings, sauce and salt.

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  6. carnism-is:


    or you can care about the planet and do whatever the fuck you want because last time i checked we’re supposed to frown upon people who tell others what to do.

    Do what you want; I can’t stop you. I can only give people the tools to change and hope they use them. It’s pretty laughable to call yourself an environmentalist when you help fund and defend the industries that cause a very significant portion of our pollution and environmental destruction. I think driving our planet into the ground is a bigger deal than someone receiving criticism for their lifestyle. 

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  8. vegan-flower:

    The cheeziest vegan mac and cheeze! 😂 #myfood #vegan #veganism #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat

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  9. filmsveganism:

    Raw Vegan Date-Banana Ice Cream Float

    Low fat, high carb, all-fruit, easy to make



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  12. beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood:

    Zucchini pesto roll-ups (raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free)…RECIPE

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  13. sad-herbivore:


    Half raw half cooked salad ✨ {1/2 cup dry quinoa cooked • 1/3 pack organic firm tofu • mushrooms • purple kale • bell pepper • romaine • spinach • lime juice} #vegan #rawtill4

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  14. positiveevegan:

    Yay, So I was on the 100% FRUITarian path for 4 days!😳 Definitely ENJOYed it!😊💕… but now it’s SUSHI time🍙👌
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  15. filmsveganism:

    One of Freelee's great, classic videos. 

    Makes one re-think about what is truly extreme.