1. albeeats:

    Homemade veggie sushi + peanut noodles + salad + spicy tahini sauce DONTMINDIFIDO.

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    don’t trust people who don’t like wonder woman

    Dont trust people who like shitty characters like wonder woman


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  3. thecoconutgoddess:

    These super cheap, super delicious and super healthy bliss balls are perfect for a snack anytime of the day! I was inspired by the delicious date and coconut rolls that you can buy at the supermarket, but this is a much more affordable version to which you can add just about anything! Plus they taste like golden syrup - mmm. Recipe will be in my new ebook, which will be released within the next fortnight! Eep, excited!

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  5. myvegansensesaretingling:

    I’d like to follow more vegans and bisexuals. If you’re either of those things, reblog this and I’ll check out your blog.

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  6. vegan-yums:

    Loaded sweet potatoes with chipotle lime tahini sauce / Recipe


  8. ti-bacio:

    Feast fit for a princess 👑🙊 thanks to @mywholesomekitchen for sending me some loving in the form of their delicious products 😘 GUYS. These kale crisps and sesame seaweed snaps were to die for, along with their hummus 👌 and my own paprika sweet potato fries and veggies. BUT their heaven balls are actually my new favourite things, ever. Get your hands on them, they are literally heaven in the mouth 💕🙊 plus OJ and strawbs 🍓Perfect pre- coastal beach walk lunch because the weather was amazing today ☀️ hope you’re all dandy!

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  9. vegenista:

    "Health Nut Breakfast Plate" from @katieshealingkitchen Pop-up #vegan Brunch - tempeh bacon, & roasted veggie panini on #glutenfree sourdough, herbed sweet potato hash & simple green salad. Yum!! #veganfoodshare #katieshealingkitchen (at Wine Vault & Bistro)


  10. "I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore."
    — Virginia Woolf  (via listopada)

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    Saladddddd👅 #vegan #veganism #veganfood #veganeats #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #plantbased #eat4peace #eatforpeace #instafood #salad #lunch #lonijane #raw #rawfood #rawtill4 #rawvegan #801010 #food #foodporn #photography


  12. gigieatsvegan:

    saw @raw_manda’s lunch post and was inspired to make some veggies burritos…annnd mine turned out more like summer rolls // brown rice summer roll sheets filled with zucchini, cucumber, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and peaches. served with sides of spring salad mix & zoodles #whatveganseat


  13. What people need to learn:


    Birth control is not abortion.

    Birth control prevents abortion.

    Don’t deny birth control coverage and then try to get rid of abortion.

    We’re running out of options here.

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  14. matthewkenneycuisine:

    SQUASH BLOSSOM. lemon cashew cream. romesco. flowering dill. summer amuse bouche challenge after our trip to the santa monica farmer’s market. #mkculinary #craftingthefutureoffood


  15. fluffymb:

    The moment when the table turns.

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