1. rapunzelie:

    literally always anxious that i’ll be texting a guy or on a date or something and they’re gonna say something goddamn sexist or racist or homophobic and ruin the whole damn thing

    also always anxious they’ll shit on veganism. but that’s more of me waiting for them to do that because they always do. not a matter of if but when.


  2. catsfurever:

    can we just start a movement where we go to male politicians events and we ask them sexist questions like “if you are elected who will take care of the kids” and “what designer are you wearing tonight” “do you think that your stunted and constipated male emotions will affect your decision making”

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  3. The Daily Show (05.12.14) #BringHomeOurGirls

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  4. Anonymous said: Real talk: I would be terrified to date you.



    I literally get messages like this EVERYDAY which only exemplifies and showcases why feminism has so much work left to do. At the end of the day, even after all the substantial shit I say and do on this medium and in my life, men still insist on reducing my worth to whether they would date me or not.

    Spoiler: I don’t want to date you and dating is not, and probably will not, be a priority for me ever. Period, the end, fuck you.

    Now let’s talk about classism, feminism, humanism, racism, and the prison industrial complex, yes? Let’s talk about access to education, wealth distribution, and expanding socialist ideals. Let’s discuss art in all its forms. NOT how much your metaphorical tiny shit dick shrivels at the thought that I wouldn’t put up with your outdated problematic as fuck notions of humanity you revolting toad.


  5. v-eggan:

    Banana cereal, I’m sorry that my post are getting really boring because I eat the same things all the time😔🌻 #vegan #veganism #veganeats #veganfood #vegetarian #veanfoodshare #whatveganseat #plantbased #photography #instafood #food #foodporn #raw #rawfood #rawtill4 #rawvegan #801010 #bananas #bananaisland #bananacereal #cereal #carbthefuckup #gofruityourself #eat4peace #eatforpeace #lonijane


  6. the-vegan-librarian:


    Avo-tomato toast on a flax seed bagel (:



  8. this country has gone on WAY too long while failing to register that we have ONE Party that is FOR america in this country an ANOTHER that is FOR THEMSELVEs and if they can’t have it then They’re going to destroy the place. They used to be loyal which Is why everyone is still looking a the GOP thinking “maybe it’s reasonable” but they’re no longer loyal, they’re not patriots, they have nothing


    The “For america” party = democrats. The Terrorist =The GOP.

    we DO NOT have A LOYAL opposition party, we have an opposition party [conservatives] who wants the country to FAIL if they aren’t in charge.

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  9. Place yourself in the position of [any victim]/ the animals, and start to view this issue from… the victims’ point of view.

    When you examine any form of injustice, whether humans are victims or animals are victims, please remember the victim’s point of view. - Gary Yourofsky

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  11. "Women don’t need men in the same way they used to. We’ve actually discovered we need women more."
    —  Cameron Diaz (via angelwhite2013)

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  12. kyleebakesraw:

    Date, dried mulberry, and dried fig cookies topped with caramel date sauce. 

    These pair really nicely with apple slices. 


  13. frerardisreal:


    Today I wore this shirt to school. Not ten minutes into first period I got called down to my principals office and was asked to change my shirt. I was told by the assistant principal that teachers may see my shirt and go off on a tangent from the lesson to talk about it. God forbid we talk about real issues in the world. The principal thought that “people may perceive it as a challenge” to the announcement she made the day before about girls not being allowed to wear short shorts or shirts that expose their midriff. I wasn’t in school that day and had no clue about the announcement. Every girl that i showed the shirt too said it was ridiculous. I checked the school handbook and the dress code and the only offense of my shirt is that it may be “”“distracting”“”
    The only reason I didn’t fight back on this issue was because its so close to graduation and I don’t want to risk my graduation being taken away from me. I’m not going to be spent though, I’m already making plans for a new shirt for tomorrow.

    It’s fucking ridiculous that the only response you got from this was somebody
    Telling you

    Where can I get this shirt? Because we obviously need more shirts like this.

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  14. berriesflowersandsparkles:

    Forgot to post my lunch before! I had a huge bowl of lettuce, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cannellini beans and japanese white rice, all drowned in lemon juice + a drizzle of tahini!

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  15. Jessica Valenti: It’s a warning more than a word – a reminder to women to adhere to sexual norms or be punished

    Sandra Fluke heard it when she talked about insurance coverage for birth control. Sara Brown from Boston told me she was first called it at a pool party in the fifth grade because she was wearing a bikini. Courtney Caldwell in Dallas said she was tagged with it after being sexually assaulted as a freshman in high school.


    The one thing we do know about “slut” is that it’s the last thing a woman should want to be. Society is so concerned over women and girls’ potential for promiscuity that we create dress codesschool curricula,even legislation around protecting women’s supposed purity. Conservative columnists opine that women having sex is tantamount to a"mental health crisis", and magazine stories wonder if we’re raising a generation of “prosti-tots”.

    Leora Tanenbaum, the author of SLUT! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation, told me that “a ‘slut’ is a girl or woman who deviates from norms of femininity. The ‘slut’ is not necessarily sexually active – she just doesn’t follow the gender script.”

    So what makes you a slut? It seems the the only hard and fast rule is that you have to be a woman.

    Men, of course, are immune – absent, really – from the frenzy of concern. For instance, a new study out of the University of Michigan showed that teen girls who “sext” are called sluts while boys who do the same remain free-from judgement. In another example, the American Medical Association breathlessly released a study in 2006 with the headline “Sex and Intoxication More Common Among Women on Spring Break”, intended to warn women about their “risky” behavior while on break – but there was nothing about the men the majority of these young women would supposedly be having all this drunken sex with.

    As always, women are sluts and men are, well, men.

    For those who haven’t had the pleasure of being called promiscuous, it may be hard to understand just how profound an impact it can have. Women’s value and morality are closely – though wrongly – tied to their sexuality. So “slut” (or any of its variations) is an accusation with power behind it.

    When multiple attackers videotaped themselves brutally raping an unconscious teen girl in California, for example – stopping to take dance breaks and find new objects to penetrate the young woman with – the first trial resulted in a hung jury because the defense argued she was promiscuous. “The things she wanted done were done”, argued one lawyer. Another asked the jury: “Why was her vagina and anus completely shaved? Sex! She’s a sexual person!”

    The accusation doesn’t have to be that explicit to have real power. Cherice Moralez – raped by her 49 year-old teacher when she was just 14 – was called “older than her chronological age” by the judge in the trial – a more diplomatic way of saying she had it coming. Her attacker was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Moralez later took her own life.

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